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Our Story

Seth Ochoa

CEO & Founder

Buying a home is a life changing experience. The purchase of  your own property is one of the biggest investments you will ever make. 

Being so, I see great importance in conducting a non-invasive, visual inspection of each structure, providing a detailed report for each finding in a timely manner. 

Giving each customer high satisfaction and providing a trusting experience is something I excel at. 

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Su Chen, CA

"Seth is THE MAN. He did a phenomenal job inspecting my new home. He is extremely easy to talk to from the very beginning and kindly accommodated my last minute schedule change. He is honest, professional, and efficient."

Belen Carillo, CA

"Seth made the whole experience a breeze! He was responsive from day 1 and clearly explained the process and his report to us. His price was beyond fair and most importantly we felt like we could trust him as we moved forward in the house process."

Quan Mai, CA

"Seth is my new favorite home inspector! He is super responsive and is very thorough with the entire process, he does not skip out on small details and will give you a super detailed report!"
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